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2000 - 2002 - R.Schuster et al.


X. H. Xia, L. C. Nagle, and R. Schuster*

"Assembly of Au-cluster superstructures by steering the phase transitions of electrochemical adsorbate structures"

"Proceedings of the 1998 Perth Workshop" (2002)


B. Pettinger*, G. Picardi, R. Schuster and G. Ertl

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V. Kirchner, X.H. Xia, and R. Schuster*

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R. Schuster

"Electrochemical microfabrication of metallic nanowires – A revival of electrochemical methods for modern device technologies?"

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V. Kirchner, L. Cagnon, R. Schuster*, and G. Ertl

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Appl. Phys. Lett., 79, 1721-1723 (2001)


R. Schuster*

"Elektrochemische Mikrostrukturierung, ein altes Verfahren mit neuen Möglichkeiten"

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R. Schuster*, V. Kirchner, P. Allongue, and G. Ertl

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X. H. Xia, L. C. Nagle, R. Schuster*, O. M. Magnussen, and R. J. Behm

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B. Pettinger*, G. Picardi, R. Schuster, and G. Ertl

"Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: Towards single molecule spectroscopy"

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* cooresponding author