Division of Physical Chemistry of Microscopic Systems

Spectroscopic Probes of Carbon Nanotubes (Individuals and Ensembles)

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    Sergei Lebedkin


Semiconducting SWNTs show comparatively strong photoluminescence in the near-infrared spectral region. We are interested in how this emission (and side bands associated with dark singlet and triplet excitons) is affected by local perturbations - such as gas adsorption onto/into the SWNT or mechanical strain/torsion. For this we carry out appropriate spectromicroscopic measurements. Additionally we study the vibrational properties of the corresponding individual carbon nanotubes using Raman microscopy. An important aspect of this effort is the development of new instrumentation where necessary, e.g. coupling of PL-, Raman and Rayleigh microscopy.


A low-wavenumber-extended confocal Raman microscope with very high laser excitation line discrimination”, Sergei. Lebedkin, Carolin Blum, Ninette Stürzl, Frank Hennrichand Manfred M. Kappes, Rev. Sci. Instr., 2011, 82, 013705.