Abteilung Physikalische Chemie Mikroskopischer Systeme

Hochauflösende Massenspektroskopie von ionisch gebundenen Komplexen

  • Ansprechpartner:

    Patrick Weis

Under the appropriate conditions, electrospray ionization (and nano-ESI) can be used to generate gas phase complexes of charged species sprayed from polar solutions - typically together with the corresponding counter ions in the form of ionically bound complexes. We use an Orbitrap mass spectrometer to perform both high mass resolution measurements of molecular composition as well as studies of collision induced dissociation -  yielding information on structure and bonding. Additionally, we are exploring the effects of charge transfer reagents on the stability and dissociation dynamics of such species. One area of present interest comprises complexes of metal phthalocyanines and porphyrins.