Division of Physical Chemistry of Microscopic Systems

Spectroscopy and Decay Dynamics of Molecular Ions in a Penning Trap

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    Patrick Weis

Fourier transform mass spectrometers (FTMS) make use of a (UHV) Penning ion trap to probe ion cloud composition/abundance as a function of storage (and reaction) time. We have modified a commercial FTMS system to allow for:
(i) various new ion sources, (ii) variable temperature operation (between 100 and 400 K) and  (iii) interaction of trapped ions with tuneable pulsed laser systems (covering both the IR and nIR-vis-UV spectral ranges). Ongoing work includes measurements of the unimolecular dissociation rate of water-filled open-cage fullerenes, determination of ground state electron  autodetachment rates from a range of organic and bioorganic multianions (as a function of trap temperature), as well as infra-red multiphoton dissociation/depletion spectroscopic probes of ligand stablizied clusters and peptides.  


FMTS. For more information please have a look on this project site that will be updated regularily.


"Heating a bowl of single-molecule-soup: structure and desorption energetics of water-encapsulated open-cage [60] fullerenoid anions in the gas-phase, Oliver Hampe, Tatjana Karpuschkin, Matthias Vonderach, Patrick Weis, Yuming Yu, Liangbing Gan, Wim Klopper and Manfred M. Kappes, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2011, 13, 9818-9823